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“Beauty is something that is easy to recognize and oftentimes hard to describe. Each case is different, and we have to incorporate the patient’s arch contour, the health and placement of the gum tissues, and the facial contours of each patient.

Our in-house laboratory enables us to provide the life-changing smiles you see in our before and after pictures.”

...Dr David Wilhelm

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Welcome To Newport Beach Dentist
Dr. David Wilhelm

Are you in need of a Newport Beach dentist  who can make your teeth look great, keep them healthy, and ensure your comfort? How about a dentist who’s renowned for creating smiles that last for decades? 

Imagine a dental practice where you feel at ease and relaxed thanks to their compassionate care and gentle approach. Plus, they use the latest technology for top-notch treatment. Look no further than Newport Dental Arts! We’re committed to giving every patient our very best, every single day.

Newport Dental Arts List of Services

Teeth Whitening

Discover a radiant smile with Dr. David Wilhelm a Newport Beach dentist. His teeth whitening expertise goes beyond aesthetics – it’s about boosting your confidence and making your smile shine. Dr. Wilhelm tailors the treatment to you, erasing stains and discoloration caused by everyday factors.

With his caring approach and top-tier skills, your smile gets the personalized attention it deserves. Experience the transformation firsthand as Dr. Wilhelm’s dedication to your satisfaction shines through. Say hello to a brighter, more confident you with Dr. David Wilhelm’s gentle yet effective teeth whitening techniques.

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Dr. David Wilhelm, your friendly Newport Beach dentist, wants you to know about the awesome perks of Invisalign®. Imagine getting your teeth straightened without anyone even noticing – that’s Invisalign’s magic. Dr. Wilhelm loves that these clear aligners are comfy and you can pop them out for meals or brushing.

They’re like your teeth’s best-kept secret, gently nudging them into place without the usual braces fuss. As a Dentist in Newport Beach, Dr. Wilhelm’s all about making sure you rock that confident smile, and with Invisalign®, he’s got Newport Beach covered!

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David Wilhelm, your dedicated Newport Beach dentist, is eager to share the remarkable advantages of dental implants. Envision having replacement teeth that seamlessly mimic your natural ones, restoring both function and aesthetics for a confident smile.

Dr. Wilhelm emphasizes that these implants play a vital role in maintaining the health of your jawbone, preventing any weakening. Unlike traditional alternatives, they offer a durable, long-term solution without compromising neighboring teeth.

Plus, here’s an extra treat: Dr. Wilhelm operates an in-house lab, where precision-crafted implants are developed. With his expertise, expect not only comfort and stability but also a luminous smile – all reflecting his commitment to exceptional dental care in Newport Beach.

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Experience the exceptional benefits of dental crowns dentistry services guided by Dr. David Wilhelm, an esteemed Newport Beach dentist. His expertise ensures customized solutions, restoring both function and aesthetics.

Crowns offer durable protection for damaged or weakened teeth, enhancing oral health and appearance. Dr. Wilhelm’s meticulous approach guarantees precise fitting and natural-looking results. With his commitment to high-quality care, patients receive tailored treatment plans promoting long-term dental wellness.

Trust in Dr. Wilhelm’s proficiency and dedication, backed by an on-site lab, to provide professional crowns dentistry that elevates your smile and overall oral health, right here in Newport Beach.

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Dr. David Wilhelm, a Newport Beach dentist, champions laser dentistry using the Biolase® laser for its precise, minimally invasive procedures.

With reduced damage to surrounding tissues, patients experience faster healing, and less discomfort, and often avoid anesthesia and stitches. This approach minimizes bleeding and infection risks, underscoring Dr. Wilhelm’s patient-focused dental care commitment.

Biolase iPlus_Platinum Laser Dentistry

Dr. David Wilhelm, your trusted Newport Beach dentist, celebrates the wonders of porcelain veneers. These super-thin, custom shells work magic by hiding flaws – think stains, chips, or unevenness – and gifting you a dazzling smile.

Dr. Wilhelm loves how they look incredibly real and last like a charm. Plus, your teeth stay mostly intact, and voila! You’re beaming with confidence. With porcelain veneers, Dr. Wilhelm crafts not just smiles, but stories of self-assurance right here in Newport Beach.

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Step into the world of relaxation dentistry guided by Newport Beach dentist, Dr. David Wilhelm, an esteemed Newport Beach dentist who’s your dedicated companion on your dental journey. Dr. Wilhelm has mastered the art of providing a tranquil haven, tailor-made for those seeking comfort amidst dental anxiety.

With his arsenal of personalized techniques, like gentle sedation and soothing approaches, he ensures your ease is paramount. Beyond alleviating discomfort, relaxation dentistry creates an environment of tranquility, enhancing your overall treatment venture.

Dr. Wilhelm’s steadfast dedication centers around your contentment, transforming routine dental visits into seamless, anxiety-free experiences. His commitment resonates in his unwavering pledge to offer refined, patient-centric care for those in search of remarkable dental services.

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Dr. David Wilhelm, the smile architect right here in Newport Beach, is excited to help your smile reach its full potential. By blending advanced techniques with an artistic touch, he designs custom smile makeovers that truly bring out your uniqueness. Whether it’s refining alignment, working on crowns, veneers, or a touch of whitening, Dr. Wilhelm tailors each step to match your preferences.

His skilled craftsmanship and caring demeanor guarantee that your new smile will boost your self-assurance. Beyond the role of a dentist, Dr. Wilhelm becomes your partner in the journey to uncovering your smile makeover, right here in Newport Beach.

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The Best . in Newport Beach

Nestled along Southern California’s coastline, Newport Beach boasts pristine beaches, crystalline waters, and a luxurious atmosphere. From upscale shopping at Fashion Island to the vibrant Balboa Peninsula, the city offers diverse amenities.

Nature lovers can explore the Back Bay Ecological Preserve, while water enthusiasts indulge in surfing and sailing. The Balboa Pavilion and Newport Beach Film Festival cater to cultural tastes.

Whether savoring oceanfront dining, admiring sunsets, or enjoying water sports, Newport Beach seamlessly blends natural beauty and upscale offerings, epitomizing the California coastal dream.

Smile Saver: Dr. Wilhelm's High-Tech Dental Marvel in Newport Beach!

Newport Beach Dentist Uses Carestream CT 8100
Carestream CS 8100
Dentist Newport BEach CareStream CT

Dr. David Wilhelm, a respected Newport Beach dentist, has harnessed the power of advanced technology in his practice, particularly the Carestream CS 8100. This state-of-the-art imaging system offers a multitude of advantages for patients seeking to identify and prevent dental issues, making it a pivotal tool in maintaining optimal oral health.

One of the key benefits of the Carestream CS 8100 is its remarkable precision. This advanced imaging system captures high-resolution images of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures, enabling Dr. Wilhelm to detect even the most subtle dental problems. From identifying cavities at their earliest stages to pinpointing issues with the jaw or sinus, this technology enables early intervention, preventing minor concerns from escalating into major dental emergencies.

Additionally, the Carestream CS 8100 minimizes radiation exposure, ensuring patient safety without compromising the quality of diagnostic images. This feature is particularly crucial for individuals who require regular dental monitoring or those with heightened sensitivity to radiation.

Dr. Wilhelm’s commitment to incorporating such cutting-edge technology not only enhances the accuracy of diagnoses but also facilitates patient education. With the clear, detailed images produced by the CS 8100, he can explain dental conditions and treatment options more effectively, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their oral health.

Early detection and prevention of dental issues through this advanced technology can save patients time and money in the long run. By addressing problems before they escalate, individuals can avoid more complex and costly dental procedures.

Newport Beach Dentist Dr. David Wilhelm’s utilization of the Carestream CS 8100 has ushered in a new era of dental care. With its precision, safety, and educational advantages, this technology plays a pivotal role in identifying and preventing dental issues, ultimately promoting healthier smiles and enhanced well-being for patients.

CS 8100 CT Scan Newport Dental Arts

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