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Relaxation Dentistry

Relaxation Dentistry services offered in Newport Beach, CA

Up to 80% of Americans experience some form of dental anxiety. At Newport Dental Arts, David Wilhelm, DDS, uses relaxation dentistry to help keep patients comfortable when they receive care at his Newport Beach, California, office. Relaxation dentistry is the process of using medication to relieve anxiety during dental treatment. To learn more, call Newport Dental Arts or schedule an appointment online today.

Relaxation Dentistry Q & A

What is relaxation dentistry?

Relaxation dentistry is the use of sedatives to relieve dental anxiety. Also called sedation dentistry, relaxation techniques can help you develop a more positive relationship with dental care if you frequently feel anxious, scared, or uneasy visiting the dentist. 

Dental phobias aren’t just inconvenient. They also prevent you from seeking the oral health care you need. If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, you may postpone your bi-annual teeth cleanings. Over time, this lack of routine care can result in tooth decay that continues to spread. Untreated tooth decay may ultimately lead to serious complications, including severe tooth pain.

By choosing relaxation dentistry, you can undergo dental treatment without worry. Sedation allows you to relax and unwind while Dr. Wilhelm performs the procedures you need to maintain your oral health.

How does relaxation dentistry work?

At Newport Dental Arts, Dr. Wilhelm offers nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, a safe form of sedation to help promote comfort and relaxation. When you inhale nitrous oxide, it stops oxygen from reaching your brain and blood. This temporarily relaxes you and reduces your inhibitions. You may feel giggly, light, and happy. 

Many patients are not aware of their surroundings during treatment with nitrous oxide, which helps take your focus away from the procedure. Throughout your treatment, Dr. Wilhelm administers oxygen to keep you conscious and awake.

What are the benefits of relaxation dentistry?

Nitrous oxide creates a euphoric effect that enhances your dental experience. The most important benefits of nitrous oxide include:


Nitrous oxide encourages relaxation to keep you calm throughout your dental procedure for a more comfortable experience.

Fast relief

One of the most popular benefits of nitrous oxide is that it starts working within minutes. Moments after you inhale nitrous oxide, you start to feel relaxed and free of pain.

No needles

Unlike other relaxation techniques, like intravenous (IV) or oral sedation, nitrous oxide requires no needles.

Short recovery time

Nitrous oxide is the only form of sedation that allows you to drive yourself home after your procedure. Just as nitrous oxide begins to take effect within minutes, it wears off just as quickly.

Along with nitrous oxide, Dr. Wilhelm administers a local anesthetic to numb your mouth during your procedure.

To learn more about relaxation dentistry, call Newport Dental Arts or schedule an appointment online today.